Thursday, August 20, 2009


So, I'm taking a roadtrip out to North Dakota with my boyfriend and his brother (1,063 miles one way, according to googlemaps). I don't know that I've ever driven for that long, and I was planning on taking my mom's canon rebel with me, but apparently the camera's needed at home. So I guess I'll be taking my sony cybershot, which is a bit of a let down (hopefully I'll have my holga too, if I can find some 120mm film in Kennewick). I've flirted with the idea of buying myself a "nice" camera for ages, but I just can't ever quite seem to justify it (even though my family has a spare lens I could use). And now that my cybershot doesn't always shoot in focus, vibrates between photos, and does crazy auto-rotating business, I wish even more that I had a nice d-slr.

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Ali Baba said...

they [dslrs] are kind of awesome...but you take great pictures with whatever it seems, so it's really just a matter of convenience in a sense. But you might be surprised - have you checked craigslist? - sometimes you can find really cheap lightly used cameras. But sometimes the difference between new and used is almost nil - as was the case when I was looking at a D40. But canon I think has more used stuff on the market since its more popular.

Also frankly I don't know about you, but film got expensive for me REALLY fast. Clearly medium format has advantages on its own, so maybe that justifies its cost - but you can take a LOT more (good) pictures with a dslr for no moneys! I paid $150 to develop and scan - not even print!! - like 250 pictures from Bolivia. For $500 I got my D40 and two lenses. I have taken almost 4000 photos here. and I pay zero!! That's what pushed me over, because I was in the same boat for two years after I lost my high school darkroom access.

Food for thought! Anyway, we should go shooting when we're back at school - whatever you're using then =)