Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Quarterly Goals

Last winter quarter I learned to eat an entire meal with chop sticks, and spring quarter I attempted to learn to slackline. My goals for Autumn Quarter are:

1. Get less atrociously horrible at guitar
2. Get less atrociously horrible at slacklining
3. Learn to navigate through campus on a bicycle without running anyone over

I think they're doable.

Monday, September 8, 2008

The List of Things I Forgot

My Belt (It should be in the smaller roll-on suitcase)
Alarm Clock
Loose Leaf Paper
Printer Paper
Foam Pad for Bed
Blue T-Shirt (the one Chels said I could bring)
White + Black Camis (I'm pretty sure Chels had the white one on her body the day I left)
Purple Swimsuit Bottoms
VHS Tapes (I'd pulled a few out and set them on my bookcase)
Coloring Books (Harry Potter and Disney Princess - They should be in my two door cabinet with all of my old binders)
Gray Sweatshirt (The one I traded the green one with Chels for)
Barbie Magnets (not a big deal - they're laying on my bookshelf if you want to grab them)
Gold Sandals (not the ones with the big gem, the other ones)
Remote for little tv

Also, if you want to grab me a sleeping bag (to have just in case), a few white board markers from the hallway and a cassette tape player (I'm partial to the one in the garage), it'd be nice, but I don't actually need them. And if Chelsea cleared the cd's out of the dashboard in Alfred, I'll take them, but if she left them they should stay.


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Possibly my proudest accomplishments ever.

For my McCarty Party this year!

I am here.

And the sun shines in my window in the morning.
I love it.