Monday, January 12, 2009

I can take photos, and I can sew.

But apparently I can't take pictures of things I've sewn. They never seem to work out quite right. I HATE using my flash, so I tried to use god's gift to Seattle - 365 days a year of nice ambient lighting, but my window is awkwardly situated to shoot from, and I had forgotten I'd set my camera on a super high ISO earlier in the day. So I didn't get many good shots. Anyhow, this is a glimpse of the sewing I've done over the last week (the top shirt is made of a really soft corduroy). I'm really pretty proud of it all.

I love the Built By Wendy pattern I sewed these from. I'm sure there will very many shirts and dresses to follow. But for now, I need to focus, so Jackie is tucked safely under my desk until the three day weekend.

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