Sunday, June 15, 2008

Urban Outfitters is a glorious place. It contains a gratuitous amounts of pretty things, and it makes George squeam. At Urban, they sell these, which I cannot justify buying, even if they are hip and trendy:

Fortunately, I had today off. So I made these. Which my family, and my boyfriend, do not understand. The second one is my favorite. The first one is a fail.


LEESH said...

how does one make said things?!?!

Ains said...

I sort of winged it.. basically I cut strips of magazine pages a few inches wide, and then rolled/folded them into skinny strip stick things. And then I hot glued them around old bottles! It was super fun. Bright Seventeen/Teen People pages turn out way prettier than Newsweek ones. :D

g. lock said...

someone better add this to the DIY manual.